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Please let us know if you are any questions, would like a quote or are ready to book your next dream vacation. We will be happy to hear from you  

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Manager – Deborah


I have managed Coral Livin’ since April 2014 when it was first built. As a full-time resident of St. John since 1998, I felt I had come home when I first set foot on our beloved island. The tropical climate, beauty of the beaches, water and mountainsides drew me in instantly. But the people of St. John, especially of Coral Bay, are the real jewels of this precious gem of an island. I began managing properties here in 2001, specializing in Coral Bay where I live, only a few minutes from Coral Livin’.  Come join us for a week or more and experience it for yourselves. I look forward to assisting you in enjoying a memorable vacation.


Availability for Coral Livin'

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Owners – Beth and Jens


We have owned Coral Livin’ since April 2018. Currently, we live in San Francisco where Beth’s family has their roots.  We have been traveling around the world for more than 20 years.  Once we came to St John, we knew we’d found our little piece of paradise. It was a bit of coincidence that first brought us to St John; Beth talked about going to the Caribbean for a long needed vacation and Jens had a college friend who visited the island 20 years before and told how incredible and different St John is. It didn’t take long before the amazing nature both under and above the water combined with the friendly and laid-back people made Coral Bay our second home and such a special place for us.

We hope that you will enjoy the island as much as we do and that Coral Livin’ will be the perfect base for you and your loved ones to enjoy everything St John has to offer.

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